Luigi Russolo’s Futurist Manifesto The Art of Noises, Revisited

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   Utorak, 11 Prosinac 2018 12:00

A painter by trade, Russolo made a second name for himself by being both the life and death of the soirée. He’d often break into vile poetry, destroy textbooks, and worst of all, burn the Italian flag before stomping out to thunderous applause. While crass and obnoxious, his outbursts were pretty much the most fun one could have in a politically-torn Italy. He was always met with a torrent of follow-up invitations the following morning, accompanied by locks of hair if the outburst was memorable enough. Russolo would spend roughly half of the 1910s painting and the other half thoroughly offending Milan’s aristocracy. Us contemporary composers couldn’t be prouder.


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