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Zeal & Ardor- "Don't You
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Rubin je još jedini norma
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30 najboljih albuma 2016.



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   Utorak, 19 Studeni 2013 00:00

Power robs the brain of empathy

Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?

Intelligent Glasses quickly translate foreign languages in real time

Scientists Find 1.5-Billion-Year-Old Pockets of Water in Canadian Mine

Scientists Create an Organism with a New Genetic Code

Where Do You Want to be a Billionaire?

Why does the human brain create false memories?

Alfred Hitchcock’s 1942 Film “Saboteur” Portrays False Flag Staging Elite

Yeti May Be A Big Brown Bear, DNA Tests Reveal

In his diary, Mengele predicted 90% of humans would die of stupidity

You may never eat street food in China again after watching this video

The Strange, Strange Story of the Gay Fascists

Nearly 400 children rescued and 348 adults arrested in Canadian child pornography bust

Stanford neuroscientist: 'We’re now able to eavesdrop on the brain in real life'

Addicted to Oreos? You truly might be

Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring

Are You Among the "Effort Averse"?

Woman receives ticket for driving with Google Glass

Fighting Fire with Fire

The Vapologist will see you now: Inside New York's first e-cigarette bar

North Korea Instagram Videos Prove Hermit Kingdom Is Just As Depressing As You Thought

The New Deadliest Substance Known to Man Is Top Secret (For Now)

A Real-Time Map of Births and Deaths

Bitcoin site is hacked, with $1million of the virtual currency stolen… and young entrepreneur is forced to deny it was an ‘inside job

Experiment Earth? Report on a Public Dialogue on Geoengineering

Astronomers discover infernal earth-like planet that ‘shouldn’t be’

Primate Behaviour

Comet ISON Observations by Three Non-Professional Observers

1.8 million year-old skull found in Georgia shows we migrated out of Africa much earlier than first thought

The Dark Side of Ayahuasca

Korean Film Council: Young at Forty

No, America is not a Christian nation

All Things Online - How the Internet of Things Changes Everything

Stanford Researchers and Google Create World's Largest Artificial Neural Network

Handicapped Japanese actress is an android

Physicists Decode Decision Circuit of Cancer Metastasis

Russell Brand on revolution: “We no longer have the luxury of tradition”

When Fish Live in your Cloaca & How Anal Teeth are Important!! The Pearlfish-Sea Cucumber Relationship!

Little girl sold for ‘organ harvesting’

Why can't chimps talk? Genetic study sheds light on why our closest cousins stay mute

Do Only Humans Smile?

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