Od danas sam u Švedskoj

   Ponedjeljak, 22 Lipanj 2009 01:00

Na službenom putu, do kraja tjedna. Razloge i rezultate ćete čitati u Kliku (ne ovom koji sada izlazi, već onom za mjesec dana), a do tada, stavit ću par stvari da se autopabliša na ovaj site dok me nema. Kidam na sjever!

 Što se to plavi u gori zelenoj?


Medical marijuana superstore opens

   Petak, 03 Lipanj 2011 02:45

Some local wags are calling it the "Wal-Mart of Weed" or "Home DePot."
Seeking to capitalize on Arizona's newly enacted medical marijuana law, a California-based company on Wednesday opened a superstore-sized garden center in Phoenix catering to those who want to grow their own cannabis.
Arizona is the 16th state in the nation, plus the District of Columbia, to decriminalize marijuana for medical purposes.


 Medical marijuana


Nekoliko super stvari

   Petak, 19 Lipanj 2009 14:12

Kill Audio'Overnight' (2003) – odličan dokumentarac o jednom seronji i zamkama Hollywooda: The megalomaniacal rise and fall of filmmaker Troy Duffy is chronicled by one-time friends and colleagues in director Mark Smith's documentary. The film takes its title from the overnight success that befell Duffy in 1996, when the then-bartender was signed by Miramax president Harvey Weinstein to direct his killers-on-a-mission-from-God script The Boondock Saints. Smith's cameras follow Duffy from pre-production -- when he battled with executives over casting and financing decisions -- on through to the lackluster release of the film. What's more, Duffy expected his relative cinematic success to translate over to his burgeoning rock band as well -- and the tension created by the presupposed deal caused him to alienate just about everyone involved with both projects.

Japan: A Story of Love and Hate
Documentary which tells an unusual love story of survival in the world's second richest economy. Naoki, 56, had it all in Japan's bubble economy days - he ran a business with 70 staff, drove a brand new BMW and lived in a six-bedroom house. But when Japan's economy crashed in the early 1990s he lost everything, ending up divorced and penniless.

Video: Robbie Cooper: Sex, Sighs & Videotape
In a new film of startling power and unsettling intimacy - produced exclusively for wallpaper.com - video artist and photographer Robbie Cooper shoots back at porn aficionados lost in ecstatic release.

Kill Audio

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