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Tim Maia - Ela Partiu
Ela partiu, partiu, e nun
VHS vs. Communism: In Rom
Great Irina!!!
Tim Maia - Ela Partiu
smiley nedavno se pojavio i
Tim Maia - Ela Partiu
brko baš ga slušam, ali n
Što se sluša ovih dana



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Budućnost filmske kritike

   Ponedjeljak, 20 Travanj 2009 15:51

Gravitacija ne postoji

   Srijeda, 27 Travanj 2011 01:00

Uhm... ma da?


'Adjust Your Color'

   Nedjelja, 19 Travanj 2009 00:00

Dokumentarac o legendarnom Petey Greenu.


Secrets of the Royal Wedding Exposed!

   Utorak, 26 Travanj 2011 12:20

Navodno će dvije milijarde ljudi gledati prijenos britanskog kraljevskog vjenčanja. Možda je ljudska rasa stvarno zaslužila apokalipsu?


Nešto za čitati

   Ponedjeljak, 20 Travanj 2009 00:00

Psssst! Ja sam ovisnik!JFK, Russell Brand and the myth of sex addiction
The rich, famous and married often seek "treatment" to combat their strong sexual urges. But, argues Jed Mercurio, it's not a disease, it's just an excuse

Why audiophiles are dying out
Alas, it also sounds more monotonous, and psychoacousticians have long argued that highly compressed music leads to “ear fatigue”. So the upshot is today’s music sounds less and less distinctive, with performances that have less and less nuance. It’s gotten so bad that even the music industry is getting worried that they’re ruining music.

It’s not magic, it’s neuroscience
King convinces spectators that he can hook a fish out of thin air, eat it and then spit it back out — intact — into a wine glass. Such skill in manipulating people’s perceptions has earned magicians a new group of spellbound fans: Scientists seeking to learn how the eyes and brain perceive — or don’t perceive — reality.

George Bataille and the philosophy of vampirism
The vampire motif always has something to do with parasitism. It developed (in the early C19th) in a society increasingly conscious of interdependency, while losing the firm sense of rigid social hierarchy that had concealed dependency – it was born of industrial capitalist democracy. The Vampire legend deals in the terror of reorganising, challenging or being challenged by dependency, and always registers this through the body: the dependencies of its need and drives, especially, but not exclusively, sexuality. Like all enduring popular cultural ideas, innumerable variations can be played upon the basic concept, its vivid iconography and compelling narrative patterns. Much of Folklore builds on the fear that the dead are not truly dead, a fear that may also conceal a hope.

‘Death And Bereavement’


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