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Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces

   Petak, 17 Lipanj 2011 13:53

 It's being called the "poop burger". Japanese scientists have found a way to create artificial meat from sewage containing human feces.

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Travis Louie

   Ponedjeljak, 20 Srpanj 2009 01:00

Službeni site.








   Petak, 17 Lipanj 2011 01:09

Riot Dog je i na ovoj snimci!


'7/7 Ripple Effect'

   Subota, 18 Srpanj 2009 15:05

One of the most definitive and revealing documentaries covering the 7/7 London Bombings. Provides a detailed insight into the key events that took place that awful day, and looks into some decisive factors that reveal the bigger picture as to what really went on.


The Last Word on Osama Bin Laden

   Petak, 17 Lipanj 2011 01:00

...But after finally waking from the 10 year nightmare of the Osama Bin Laden fable, are the public willing to go straight back to sleep? Or are they going to start questioning the official narratives that are cemented into place in the wake of every large-scale event, narratives that always support more government intrusion in our lives, expanded wars of aggression around the globe and an ever-expanding police state?...

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