Top 10 Strange Mass Animal Deaths

   Nedjelja, 13 Ožujak 2011 01:00

Large numbers of animals have mysteriously died recently, from the thousands of birds found dead in two southern U.S. states to 100,000 dead fish in Arkansas. TIME takes a look at other mass animal deaths, many of which are still unsolved

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Animal deaths reported in 2011:

Arkansas -- 5000 +
Louisiana -- 500 +
California -- 371 +
Alabama -- 300+ dead birds -
Wisconsin -- 200 dead cows -
Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia, & New Hampshire
Arizona --70 dead bats
Missouri -- dozens of dead birds,0,714...
Kentucky -- (link)
North Carolina - 100's of dead pelicans
Japan & Hong Kong
New Zealand - dead penguins
Germany, & UK
Falköping Sweden (link)
Italy - 8000+ doves

FISH & SEA LIFE deaths reported in 2011...

Arkansas (100,000 dead fish) washed up in Arkansas river
Maryland (2 Million dead fish) in Chesapeake Bay
Chicago, Illinois - 1000's of dead fish on lakefront
Indian River County, FL - manatees found dead
Cocoa Beach, FL - dead fish
Volusia County, Fl - 1000's of dead fish -
Pennsylvania -
Michigan - Mass fish death in Lincoln Park (link)
South Carolina - 1000's of dead fish Folly Beach
Brazil - 100 tons of dead fish
New Zealand -
Ontario, Canada --100's of dead fish wash up
UK/Whales (40,000 dead crab/Bream/Other)
Vietnam (150 Tons of dead tilapia fish)
Haiti & Dominican Republic


Dobrodošli u budućnost

   Srijeda, 28 Siječanj 2009 00:00

Dobar dan, ja sam iz InternetaMožda ste u Jutarnjem nabasali na članak o tehnologiji bliske budućnosti, uređajima i izumima na kojima se trenutno radi, a koji će ljudima u sljedećih tridesetak godina omogućiti da hodaju po zidovima, gledaju kroz predmete i postaju nevidljivi. I još puno toga. Izvorni tekst s detaljima pronaći ćete ovdje , u magazinu New Scientist.

A koja je negativna strana svega toga? Evo friških podataka iz SAD-a, koji ukazuju na apokalipsu kulture i rađanje retardirane generacije ili na očekivane posljedice progresa, kako se uzme:

Youngsters are shunning books and outdoor games to spend up to six hours a day in front of a screen, a survey has revealed. Children as young as five are turning their bedrooms into multi-media 'hubs' with TVs, computers, games consoles, MP3 players and mobile phones all within easy reach. The trend triggered warnings that the next generation will struggle to compete in the adult world because they lack reading and writing skills. At the same time their mastery of technology is not widely appreciated by their parents. The market research involving 1,800 children aged five to 16 found that they spend an average of 2.7 hours a day watching TV, 1.5 on the internet and 1.3 playing on games consoles, although in some cases these activities are simultaneous, such as watching TV while playing on a console.
In contrast, youngsters spend just over half an hour reading books, according to the survey by ChildWise. Almost a third take a games console to bed rather than a book, while a quarter never read in their own time.
And instead of kicking a football around, more than a quarter of boys regularly meet in an online games 'environment' where they discuss tactics and technical problems.
Parents justified internet access on the grounds that it would help with homework but the survey found education had become an 'afterthought', with only 9 per cent of youngsters looking up information for schoolwork the last time they went online.

Internet - Blago i prokletstvo

In contrast, 34 per cent played games, 32 per cent used instant messaging, 31 per cent visited a social networking site and 28 per cent watched video clips on sites such as YouTube. More than half of children now have their own PC or laptop and a third say their computer is the single piece of equipment they could least live without, compared with a declining number - one in five - who name TV.
A report on the findings from ChildWise concluded that many youngsters were 'leaving traditional books behind' but were caught in a 'communications trap'.
It said: 'Their online abilities often exceed those of their parents' generation, but this is not necessarily recognised or valued.

'Their conventional reading and writing skills are frequently criticised and their limited experience and expertise in this area makes it harder for them to compete in an adult-dominated world.'
Rosemary Duff, research director of ChildWise, said: 'They are a generation abandoning print and paper.'


Japanski potres i HAARP

   Subota, 12 Ožujak 2011 13:51

Nije trebalo dugo da netko poveže ova dva termina. U svakom slučaju, za one koji ne znaju tko je Benjamin Fulford, info - ovdje


Zlata – žena-perec

   Utorak, 27 Siječanj 2009 00:00

Zlata joj je ime, dolazi iz Njemačke, a proslavila se kao jedna od onih žena koja snima seksi SM sessione tijekom kojih može oralno zadovoljiti samu sebe! Tko još sumnja u to da se današnja erotska produkcija pretvorila u cirkus, može samo pogledati 'boginju fleksibilnosti' te shvatiti da su dvostruki anal i autoanalingus tek korak od gutanja mačeva za vrijeme ševe. Doduše, pogledate li bilo koji film Lexa Steelea, shvatit ćete da je i gutanje mačeva već isprobana stvar...













Japan Tsunami 11 /03/ 11 by sky news

   Subota, 12 Ožujak 2011 04:23


BBC - holivudski kaos

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