Monkey Meat and the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia

   Petak, 01 Kolovoz 2014 13:35

West Africa is being plagued by a new outbreak of Ebola — a terrifying disease that causes its victims to bleed to death from the inside out. Ebola has no cure, and the latest epidemic is spreading fast.


How to Speak French with Camille Rowe

   Četvrtak, 31 Srpanj 2014 10:48


Najbolji govor Željka Malnara

   Srijeda, 30 Srpanj 2014 00:00


Stanford biologist warns of early stages of Earth's 6th mass extinction event

   Utorak, 29 Srpanj 2014 11:13

The planet's current biodiversity, the product of 3.5 billion years of evolutionary trial and error, is the highest in the history of life. But it may be reaching a tipping point.
In a new review of scientific literature and analysis of data published in Science, an international team of scientists cautions that the loss and decline of animals is contributing to what appears to be the early days of the planet's sixth mass biological extinction event.
Since 1500, more than 320 terrestrial vertebrates have become extinct. Populations of the remaining species show a 25 percent average decline in abundance. The situation is similarly dire for invertebrate animal life.


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