Expect the Unexpected: More 9.0 Megaquakes Are Coming, Study Says

   Petak, 19 Rujan 2014 00:00

No one should be surprised if a magnitude-9 megaquake erupts off America's West Coast — or anywhere else around the Pacific Ocean's "Ring of Fire," for that matter.
That's the upshot of a study in October's issue of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America: Researchers say that computer models of future seismic activity, plus a check of past activity going back thousand of years, suggest most of the Pacific's earthquake zones are capable of generating shocks at least as strong as magnitude 9 every 10,000 years on average.



Gang War - Bangin in little Rock

   Četvrtak, 18 Rujan 2014 00:00

Gang War: Bangin' in Little Rock often referred to as Gang Bangin' in Little Rock is a 1994 HBO documentary about street gangs in Little Rock, Arkansas. The documentary painted a hopeless and pessimistic view of the violence in the city. At the time Little Rock was one of the most dangerous cities in the country. Sitting at the intersection of two major interstates from Los Angeles and New York, Little Rock had become a haven for drug trafficking. There were prominent gang presences of Bloods, Crips and Hoover's Folk Nation.


Pršti, pršti bijela staza / Let it snow

   Srijeda, 17 Rujan 2014 11:26

(c) 2010 Arminio Grgić
60 sec.
Glumi /Starring/ Velimir Grgic


Some Nightmares Take You Aurora Rainbow Darkness by Vampillia

   Ponedjeljak, 15 Rujan 2014 01:46
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