Willie Nelson with Jamey Johnson - The Git Go

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   Srijeda, 20 Kolovoz 2014 11:56


LIGHT YEARS (aka Gandahar or Metal Men)

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   Utorak, 19 Kolovoz 2014 00:00

Science Fiction movie ripped from VCR Tape I bought in 1988. This is the full video - all 1 hour and 22 minutes of it - not chopped up into segments. Audio is pretty decent - should be listened to through a good set of headphones or a good quality sound system. Video is not the highest quality, I had to scale it way down from the original rip. Love the opening music - it's over-the-top!


The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video

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   Ponedjeljak, 18 Kolovoz 2014 01:10


Brain - The Inside Story

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   Nedjelja, 17 Kolovoz 2014 12:08

Odlična izložba u Ljubljani, navratite dok još traje!


By 2025, ‘sexbots will be commonplace’ – which is just fine, as we’ll all be unemployed and bored thanks to robots stealing our jobs

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   Subota, 16 Kolovoz 2014 00:00

The report, called “AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs” and published by Pew Research, is a 66-page monster [PDF]. The report basically consists of a bunch of experts waxing lyrical about what the world will look like in 2025 if robots and AI continue to advance at the same scary pace of the last few years. Almost every expert agreed that robots and AI will no longer be constrained to repetitive tasks on a production line, and will permeate “wide segments of daily life by 2025.” The experts are almost perfectly split on whether these everyday robots will be a boon or a menace to society, though — but more on that at the end of the story. While the report is full of juicy sound bites from experts such as Vint Cerf, danah boyd, and David Clark, one quote by GigaOM Research’s Stowe Boyd caught my eye. By 2025, according to Boyd, “Robotic sex partners will be a commonplace, although the source of scorn and division, the way that critics today bemoan selfies as an indicator of all that’s wrong with the world.”



Obavezna literatura: New Scientist - Better You

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   Petak, 15 Kolovoz 2014 12:31


The Spread of the Caliphate: The Islamic State (Part 1)

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   Četvrtak, 14 Kolovoz 2014 01:12

VICE News reporter Medyan Dairieh spent three weeks embedded with the Islamic State, gaining unprecedented access to the group in Iraq and Syria as the first and only journalist to document its inner workings. In part one, Dairieh heads to the frontline in Raqqa, where Islamic State fighters are laying siege to the Syrian Army’s division 17 base.

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