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GERGER FILM: Bez računa se ne računa

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   Petak, 17 Listopad 2014 01:23


David Lynch In Conversation with Moby

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   Četvrtak, 16 Listopad 2014 09:12


Leonard Cohen on Mt. Baldy

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   Utorak, 14 Listopad 2014 14:06

Video of Leonard on Mount Baldy. This was filmed in 1996 and it documents Leonard's experiences and routine while at Mt. Baldy. I believe this "film" was shot by a French artist named Armelle Brusq.


Japanese Erotica in Contemporary Art

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   Ponedjeljak, 13 Listopad 2014 07:15

Erotic Art in Japan is now distinctively segmented as “Girly Illustration”, “Gothic & Lolita”, “Bishojo Model Figures” and so on, and each category has captured enthusiastic fans all over the world.
This title is a complete art collection of contemporary erotic arts in Japan covering both great and up-and-coming artists. And this title also includes bilingual (JPN/ENG) overview exposition of latest Japanese erotic art with detailed analysis on each category. For this reason, it can be appealing to both men and women, art lovers, Japanese subculture maniac, “Gothic & Lolita”-commited girls and Anime fans.
PIE International presents this title to the world as an outstanding art collection of up-to-date erotic art in Japan.


Christopher Hitchens - Mother Teresa: Hell's Angel

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   Nedjelja, 12 Listopad 2014 21:57

Christopher Hitchens investigates whether Mother Teresa of Calcutta deserves her saintly image. Probes her campaigns against contraception and abortion and her relationships with right-wing political leaders. Contributors include the cameraman who worked on the 1969 film `Mother Teresa of Calcutta' which was presented by Malcolm Muggeridge, the journalist Mihir Bose, and former volunteer Mary Loudon.


El sicario Room 164 (2010) - odličan dokumentarac

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   Subota, 11 Listopad 2014 00:00


Operation Stonehenge - What Lies Beneath

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   Petak, 10 Listopad 2014 14:00

Stonehenge is an icon of prehistoric British culture, an enigma that has seduced archaeologists and tourists for centuries. Why is it here? What is its significance? And which forces inspired its creators? Now a group of international archaeologists led by the University of Birmingham and the Ludwig Boltzman Institute in Vienna believe that a new state-of-the-art approach is the key to unlocking Stonehenge's secrets. For four years the team have surveyed and mapped every monument, both visible and invisible, across ten square kilometres of the sacred landscape to create the most complete digital picture of Stonehenge and the surrounding area over millennia. Known monuments have yielded more data than ever before, revealing hidden structures within, and new finds are revolutionising the very timeline of Stonehenge.
Operation Stonehenge takes the viewer on a prehistoric journey from 8000BC to 2500BC as the scientists uncover the very origins of Stonehenge, learning why this landscape is sacred, preserved and has been revered by following generations. Evidence of war and conflict, as well as the cultivation of ideas and industry, is explored to reveal complex communities with international trade links as far-reaching as Spain and central Europe.
Using CGI to reveal the monuments hidden beneath Stonehenge and featuring factually sourced dramatic reconstructions, the stories of the buildings and the people that occupied this sacred landscape over four millennia ago are revealed in comprehensive detail.

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