The EC Comics Slipcase Vol. 1 - video preview

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Konačno da se netko pobrinuo i za ovo blago!

A boxed set of our first four books in our acclaimed EC Comics Library, which collects the best comics of the 1950s from the greatest mass market comic book publisher in history. Featured are: Corpse on the Imjin! by Harvey Kurtzman, et al.; Came the Dawn by Wallace "Wally" Wood, Al Feldstein, et al.; 50 Girls 50 by Al Williamson, Al Feldstein, et al.; and 'Tain't the Meat... It's the Humanity! by Jack Davis, Al Feldstein, et al. A great gift for Father's Day or for the genre fiction fan in your life!


Kako je opljačkana Hrvatska?

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   Srijeda, 16 Srpanj 2014 23:50

Gost 11. epizode emisije "Sedma sila", koju obavezno morate pogledati, je pravnik bloger i publicist Sulejman Tabaković koji objašnjava na koji način su opljačkane banke u Hrvatskoj, ali i kako je postavljen sustav u kojem živimo.
"Onaj tko kontrolira novac u opticaju kontrolira društvo, kontrolira hoćete li jesti, imati posla, kuću... s te točke možete manipulirati, a to čine banke koje nemaju milosti.", rekao je Sulejman Tabaković.
Tko je stvorio krizu i tko se njome koristi? Zašto iz dana u dan život postaje sve teži, bez obzira na to tko je na vlasti? Kako je moguće da banke u doba najveće krize najviše zarađuju, tko to dopušta i zašto svi šutimo? Zašto nezavisni stručnjaci diljem svijeta nazivaju bankarstvo legaliziranom krađom i tvrde da bankari upravljaju onima koji donose zakone?
Odgovore na gore navedena pitanja možete pronaći u ovoj emisiji.


Nekoliko fotki iz Amsterdama, 2014. - 3. dio

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Nekoliko fotki iz Amsterdama, 2014. - 2. dio

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Nothing Lasts Forever (1984)

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   Ponedjeljak, 14 Srpanj 2014 01:51

This is an upgrade to the versions currently available on YouTube. This is for educational purposes only. The copyright to this unique film belongs to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, even if this was never released for some reason (apparently because they didn't know how to market it), but it's just too good to remain buried and unseen. It's not only unlike any other movie ever made, but it's the only "modern" (filmed in 1983) film I've seen that actually manages to look entirely like a classic era production. I respect copyright laws, so the minute the film gets a proper official release, I'll delete this file from YouTube.

MGM has given many reasons for why this film was never released,but those reasons will be very obvious to those that watch,if you have the eyes to see. The masonic big whigs apparently did not want the profane to know some of the things this film contains. I DO NOT OWN THIS.

Nothing Lasts Forever is a 1984 movie starring a number of high profile Hollywood actors. It was directed by Tom Schiller, who had previously worked on Saturday Night Live. The movie stars Zach Galligan and Lauren Tom in the lead roles, with a supporting cast including Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sam Jaffe and Mort Sahl. John Belushi was to appear in the film, but he died 6 weeks before production began. The plot concerns a young man (Galligan) who dreams of becoming an artist. On returning to his relatives in Manhattan, he finds that the Port Authority has taken control of the city, and is forced to work in a menial job under a trigger-happy boss (Aykroyd). His kindness to a tramp leads him to be taken into an underground network where he discovers that the city's tramps are controlling the destiny of all the cities in the world. They instruct him to travel to the moon on a mission to spread peace and find his true love (Lauren Tom). Galligan accidentally finds a bus travelling to the moon. Bill Murray plays the bus conductor.


Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz 'You are not your brain' at Mind & Its Potential

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You are not your brain
• How does the brain work? What happens in an overactive brain circuit?
• Why do we so often feel besieged by bad brain wiring?
• Is it possible to free ourselves from destructive thoughts and actions and to change bad habits for good?
• How to identify and work with negative brain impulses
• Making your brain work for you -- the 4-Step solution for changing bad habits, ending unhealthy thinking, and taking control of your life
Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz, leading neuroplasticity researcher and coauthor of the just released You Are Not Your Brain and the groundbreaking books Brain Lock and The Mind and the Brain; Department of Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine, USA


John Milius interviewed by Francis Ford Coppola

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