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Lloyd Kaufman Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge!

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   Nedjelja, 14 Rujan 2014 16:58


Ai Weiwei in the Sci-Fi Short Film “The Sand Storm”

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   Nedjelja, 14 Rujan 2014 13:05

Jason Wishnow, the filmmaker responsible for the motivational and inspiring TED talks, presents a sci-fi short film about a dystopian future where water is scarce. “The Sand Storm” features Chinese artist Ai Weiwei as a water smuggler, but the controversy surrounding the film is nearly as exciting as the short. The Kickstarter-funded project has been outwardly criticized by the Chinese artist for using his likeness and name to promote the film – with the written complaint available for public viewing. Saying, “You are engaging in misleading and deceptive conduct by soliciting to raise funds for a film which purports to ‘star’ Ai Weiwei, however Ai Weiwei has not entered into any agreement or release permitting you to use his image in said film.” Regardless, the film remains up for public consumption as two art mediums clash in a singular project.



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   Subota, 13 Rujan 2014 17:53



Are we evolving into a NEW type of human? 'Different' species will have evolved by 2050, scientist claims

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   Petak, 12 Rujan 2014 12:50

This is according to Cadell Last, a researcher at the Global Brain Institute / Mr Last claims we will live longer, have kids in old age and rely on robots / We may also end up spending a large amount of our time in virtual reality / Huge shift is comparable to the change from apes to humans, he says / 'Your 80 or 100 is going to be so radically different than your grandparents,' he argues. 'The biological clock isn't going to be around forever'



'Korengal' (2014) - odličan dokumentarac

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   Petak, 12 Rujan 2014 00:00

Fini sikvel.


'For No Good Reason' (2012) - dobar dokumentarac

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   Četvrtak, 11 Rujan 2014 11:12


Kulturni kolodvor - Velimir Grgić

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   Srijeda, 10 Rujan 2014 10:30

Sjećate li se Caravaggia i samo jedne slike, Večera u Emausu, zbog koje ste jurili u MUO? Uskoro ćete imati razlog ponovo pohoditi MUO jer tamo će biti izložena djela još jednog baroknog majstora - Guercina. U ovoj emisiji nudimo dosta tema iz književnosti: čak dva književna festivala u Šibeniku i Zagrebu, a u Literarnom kolosijeku o tome kako pišu pisci te kako to radi Velimir Grgić.

OVDJE (počinje na 16:15)

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